The Butterfinger: one of America’s favorite candy bars.


Would you have ever guessed how incredibly easy it is to make your very own butter finger candy bar in your own kitchen? More importantly, would you have ever guessed that one of the three ingredients to make this yummy crunchy bar is – wait for it – candy corn!?

Who knows if the pros in the candy shops use candy corn to make this candy bar, but all I know is that when you melt candy corn and peanut butter together…it tastes just like a butterfinger. This wasn’t my idea, and I’d like to thank whoever it was who first thought, “Hmm, I wonder what happens if I melt candy corn and peanut butter together?” to create the exact replicate of this famous candy bar. I’d also like to add that this recipe goes beyond just the taste factor, though. It nailed the texture of a store-bought Butter Finger.

Before launching into the recipe, I want you to know that I made this twice and in doing so, I learned some valuable lessons when it comes to making this. The first time I made this, the butter fingers turned out exactly like a butterfinger should. The second time I made it, I got a different outcome. The bars were tough, extremely chewy, and the chocolate was difficult to work with when making them. Here is what I gathered to be the difference between the first and second batch:

In the first batch (aka the good batch), I used Almond Bark candy coating. In the second batch (aka the bad batch), I used store-brand candy coating. BAD MOVE! Almond Bark candy coating was way easier to work with; it didn’t clump up like the store-brand; it didn’t get hard as fast as the store-brand; and it tasted better. Folks, don’t make it hard on yourself and spend a few extra cents on the good quality candy coating. It makes your work so much easier and better tasting.

In the first batch, I only put the butter fingers in the freezer for maybe 10 minutes before coating them with the chocolate. In the second batch, I put them in the fridge for a couple hours because I had to go run errands before coating them with chocolate. I think this was the reason why these bars were so hard to bite into. So when you make this recipe, make sure you don’t let them sit in the fridge or freezer for longer than 10 minutes otherwise, you’ll be gnawing on the bars, not biting.

I hope those two steps will save you some trouble. Here’s the recipe, I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Homemade Butterfingers


1 package of chocolate Almond Bark
3 cups of candy corn
1/2 peanut butter

1. In microwavable bowl, melt candy corn on high, stirring every 30 seconds until melted.

2. Stir in peanut butter.

3. In 8×8 pan (lined with wax paper), pour in the melted mix. Spread out evenly and put in freezer for 10 minutes.

4. Turn out the mix onto the counter, discard the wax paper. On a cutting board, cut into bite-size bars.

5. Melt a few blocks of the chocolate at a time, it doesn’t really matter how much you use just as long as you feel that you have enough. I think I ended up using half the package. Melt until creamy, following directions on the package.

6. Dip bottom of each butter finger into the chocolate, then put on fork to spoon chocolate over the bar. This was the easiest process of getting chocolate evenly over the bar, however you can use any method easier for you.

7. Place dipped bars on baking sheet, lined with wax paper. Once all the bars are done, put back in the freezer for 10 more minutes.