Amaretto Ice Cream

Amaretto Ice Cream with Magic Shell Topping

Okay guys, before I say anything, this is gonna be a loooong post. And it looks like this ice cream requires a lot of work but let me say first before you turn away:This ice cream is a BREEZE to make. You could make it in your sleep! Mmmhmm folks, Magic Shell: the most awesome topping for […]

Fudgy Black Bean Brownies (1 of 1)
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Chocolately Black Bean Brownies

Never before have I been so excited about sharing a recipe. Never before has Andrew talked so much about something that I’ve made. Never before have I thought I could pull off something like this (and actually like it). Lets go to the beginning…the very beginning…of this food story. Once upon a time, a few […]

oreo truffles-7

Oreo Truffles

What’s better than an oreo cookie? An oreo truffle! Haven’t tried one yet? You poor soul. It’s about time you tried one! Read on, my friend, read on. A few Christmas holidays ago, my mom gave me the recipe to this and we decided to make them together. Ever since then, we have made it […]

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The Butterfinger: one of America’s favorite candy bars. Would you have ever guessed how incredibly easy it is to make your very own butter finger candy bar in your own kitchen? More importantly, would you have ever guessed that one of the three ingredients to make this yummy crunchy bar is – wait for it […]