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Oreo Truffles

What’s better than an oreo cookie?

An oreo truffle!

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Haven’t tried one yet? You poor soul. It’s about time you tried one! Read on, my friend, read on.

A few Christmas holidays ago, my mom gave me the recipe to this and we decided to make them together. Ever since then, we have made it a Christmas tradition to make them in our own homes. They make a great gift to wrap up and give to others, not just on Christmas, but any time of the year. A friend of mine had this great idea for Valentines day, to make these but put red food coloring in the candy coating to make them red! You could do a lot with this recipe if you wanted to.

But along the times I have made these truffles, I have learned that there is a lot more to this recipe than meets the eye. Among the things I have learned, these are the most important I can share with you:

Firstly, this is a lot easier done when you have someone helping you in the kitchen. Especially when it comes to the dipping. Please just take my word for it, it is a H.U.G.E. pain the the pa-tootie if you are stuck doing this by yourself.

Secondly, only attempt to make these if you have a food processor. My mom told me she tried making this without one and the results were terrible. The food processor gets the oreos to a very fine crumb, which is essential for them to hold together long enough to stay in a ball.

Thirdly, resist the urge to go cheap and buy store-brand candy-coating. DO buy Almond Bark, that stuff is remarkably better. I’ve made these oreo truffles with both kinds, and the Almond Bark was excellent in taste but it was also much easier to work with. Almond Bark is not that much more expensive and is worth every penny.

So, grab a buddy and get to the kitchen!!

Oreo Truffles

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Here’s what you’ll need:
1 package of cream cheese (full fat)
1 package of regular oreos
1 package of white Almond Bark candy coating

1. In batches, break up your oreos into the food processor.

oreo truffles

2. Blend on high to get a very fine crumb. Set aside oreo crumbs in bowl.

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3. A little bit at a time, start mixing a few spoonfuls of the cream cheese in with the oreo crumbs – maybe 3 spoonfuls of cream cheese with at least a 1/2 cup of oreo crumbs to start. Blend on high to get it all mixed up. At the end of mixing everything together, it should be very creamy and smooth. Put mixture in a bowl and stick in the freezer for 5 minutes.

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4. Take mixture out of the freezer and spray your hands lightly with cooking spray. Grab a little bit (maybe a little bit more than a teaspoon’s worth) and start rolling it in the palm of your hands to get a ball. Place the oreo ball on a baking sheet that is lined with wax paper. Do this to the remainder of the mixture. Put oreo balls in freezer for 10 minutes.

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5. While oreo balls are cooling down in the freezer, take half of your almond bark and break it into chunks. Put chunks in a microwave-safe bowl to melt. Follow directions on melting on the package. (Important tip here: Make sure the bowl and spoon you’ll be using for the almond bark are completely dry with no moisture at all, because almond bark will seize the moisture and then harden).

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6. After the candy coating has melted, I like to take it out of the bowl it was in and pour it into another bowl. It cools faster this way, which by the way, you will want to make sure the candy coating is just barely warm if not warm at all when dipping the oreo balls. Otherwise, the coating will slide right off. So, just keep stirring the candy coating to cool it down and to make sure it won’t harden.

Aaaaaaaand this is where the fun begins! It was all kicks and giggles up till now, folks. This is where you need that buddy to help you out. What my husband and I do in our routine of things, is that, well I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ll explain in the following steps. You’ll have to forgive me for not being able to take any more photos beyond this point, both of my hands were covered with yummy oreo stuff to hold a camera. 

7. Take oreo balls out of the freezer. One by one, start dipping the oreo balls into the coating and then place on a new piece of wax paper on another baking sheet (to go back in the freezer again). You can do this any way that’s easiest for you. What my husband and I have done that’s easiest for us is that he will use a toothpick to stick into the oreo ball and put it in the coating while I take a spoon and pour spoonfuls over the ball. One thing you need to be watchful for is to do this step slowly.

Do it too quickly and the coating will slide right off, making a really thin coating. While one person is holding the ball on the toothpick, the other keeps adding spoonfuls of the coating until it is actually sticking. Pausing a few seconds between each coating helps. Also keep stirring the coating to ensure it does not harden. Then you can place it on the wax paper.

8. After you have done all of the oreo balls, place them back in the freezer until set (1o minutes). This next step is optional: melt a little bit of dark chocolate chips in the microwave to drizzle over the tops.

9. Once the truffles have set, you can take them off the wax paper and put them into a baggie or anything else of the sort. They last for a few days, and taste best if cold.

I hope you enjoy these as much as we do! They are truly a special treat